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Message to Artists

Are you an Artist looking to get involved in Bahamas Carnival to market yourself and gain more exposure? Then you’re at the right place – but the good news doesn’t stop there, our platforms don’t just help you get more exposure and bookings during the Carnival season, we offer a year-round ecommerce platform that can help your audience connect directly to you!

The countdown for this year’s road march is on, and we are excited to share ‘Everything Bahamas Carnival®’ with all of our Bahamian people and visitors alike.

This year is set to be even bigger and better than previous years – with people reaching out to us from around the globe wanting to get involved and experience a taste of what playing ‘Mas in Paradise’ is really like!

To help all those involved see an even bigger return on investment this year, we have created a website that is not only the home of ‘Everything Bahamas Carnival®’ for those seeking more information, but it is also a powerful ecommerce platform where those involved in Bahamas Carnival® can promote their offerings right to their primary target demographic.

To get involved and officially be part of Bahamas Carnival®, we have several offerings and options this year to suit your needs.

License to use the Bahamas Carnival® logo and be an official Bahamas Carnival® vendor:  

To become an official Bahamas Carnival® vendor and be featured on our online platforms, you must apply for an annual license through Bahamas Carnival Ltd. and pay the appropriate associated fees. Once we have reviewed your application and received your fee we will promptly issue you an ‘Official Bahamas Carnival® 2019 License Kit’ which will include the following:

  1. The official license
  2. Variations of the logo for you to use on your promotional material
  3. ‘Who we are’ write-up
  4. Listing on the website for products or services offered by your company
  5. Mentions on our digital platforms

Furthermore, if you would like to fully utilize the offerings of our ecommerce platform by being able to sell your merchandise or tickets to your upcoming events, or be booked for events directly through the website, a 10% royalty fee from all items sold through our platforms would apply.


For this 10% royalty fee, you would also receive marketing boosts from our team and mentions across all of our social media platforms promoting your offerings right to your intended clientele.

If you would like to boost your potential sales even further, we also offer an ‘ArtistSpotlight’ page option to those who purchase an annual Bahamas Carnival® license which starts at a rate of roughly $300 for a three month period – this is on a first come, first served basis as spaces are limited.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to become an official affiliated vendor for 2019 by purchasing an annual license, but you would still like to be listed on our official Bahamas Carnival® business directory through our website, there is an option to pay a fee of $15 BSD per month to be included in our directory.

This fee only enables your company to be listed on the official Bahamas Carnival® website, and does not include the ability to use the Bahamas Carnival® logo or sell any merchandise under the guise as being part of Bahamas Carnival Ltd. – to do so without paying the appropriate licensing fee could result in legal action being taken against your company for doing so.

If you simply want to promote an event and feel that none of the above options suit your current needs, you may submit your event flyer and details of the event to us to be added to our official Bahamas Carnival® events calendar – however with this option your event will be added to the events calendar and given a mention in our social media stories ONLY – this option comes with no extra promotional or marketing help from Bahamas Carnival® – to have your event featured on the website or featured in a post on our social media platforms and to enjoy the full benefits of our marketing and promotional team you must purchase the annual license mentioned above.

Don't miss out on this great opportunity to increase your bookings and sales all year round, but especially during the feteing months of February, March, April and May!

Thank you again for getting in touch with us – if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

The countdown is on – join us this year in letting the world know what it’s really like to play ‘Mas in Paradise’!


The Bahamas Carnival Team




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No vendor contact information is allowed on the site except if they sign up for our business directory for $15 per month