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The Bahamas Carnival is a festive destination event that provides a vibrant experience, rich with culture that uniquely incorporates traditional Carnival vibes from around the world with a touch of Bahamian flavour. Locals and visitors from around the world descend on the Islands of the Bahamas to immediately become immersed in all things Bahamian – fun, fare, music and arts. Excitement and good vibes will be the order of the day as Bahamas Carnival features a catalog of events that are guaranteed to offer a mix of pace and taste for all that are ready for di’ road. Whether you want to be in the center of the madness or visually take in the experience – Bahamas Carnival caters to your need to fete til’ you sweat or watch the magic as it happens and still achieve the optimal experience! With events scheduled from May 3rd-5th, 2019, you can expect to indulge in a showcase of local sounds from Junkanoo, Rake -n- Scrape guaranteed to make you come alive. 

 The main feature of the Bahamas Carnival 2019 will be the Road Fever. Bahamas Carnival will be featured in the vicinity of Clifford Park, The Western Esplanade, and Arawak Cay. It will showcase a Bahamian flavor of what we call Carnival website is to inform the world about everything that is happening that relates to Bahamas Carnival.  With latest events, dates, and ticketing info, Band info with signup, photos and a blog to keep you up to date and also provide great insight to lend a hand in putting together your carnival plans for locals and visitors alike.  

Bahamas Carnival Paradise 2019
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